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From Need help with your science gateway?

The Social Media Macroscope now has about 500 users worldwide, and those users are spread out across more than 70 research institutions. Dr. Joseph T. Yun, a participant at the very first Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) Focus Week in April 2017, came in with only a loose idea of what he wanted to do with his work involving social media data. 

“When I think about the value of Focus Week, I can’t say enough. It’s what started this project and then everything changed for me. If the Social Media Macroscope someday becomes huge, its success can only be tied back to Focus Week.”

From Technology Services at the University of Illinois: Smart City Illinois: Building Empathy with Better Infrastructure

Mackenzie Kirkham, Rose Nowak, and Ajaita Saini, undergraduate researchers at the University of Illinois and student employees of the Data and Technology Innovation Student Lab, are collaborating with the city of Champaign to bridge the gap between data and people and re-envision technology infrastructure towards a smart city future.

From National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois: NCSA, Illinois Technology Services, and College of Media come together to imagine the future of advertising

Dr. Joseph T. Yun, Leader of Research and Innovation at Technology Services, Research Assistant Professor at the College of Media and NCSA center affiliate, has big ideas for changing the way we understand advertising, research, and consumer behavior in the era of Big Data and social media.


From Technology Services at the University of Illinois: New pilot project puts free Amazon Echo Dots into the hands of 200 Illinois Students

A group at the University of Illinois is giving students free Amazon Echo Dots with Illinois-specific skills to see how they can improve student success and experience at the university.


From The Daily Illini: Students receive free Echo Dots to test new skills

Free Amazon Echo Dots were given to 200 University Housing residents to test out new Alexa commands developed by a team of undergraduate students at the University.

From Information Technology at Purdue: HUBzero powers Social Media Macroscope, making social media data analysis available to anyone

As social media sites like Twitter and Facebook explode in popularity, researchers in a variety of fields are turning to social media for data to study. But although plenty of social media analytics tools exist, they’re not always accessible to those without a computational science background. The Social Media Macroscope, an environment powered by Purdue’s open-source HUBzero platform, presents a solution to that problem 

From Technology Services at the University of Illinois: The Social Media Macroscope: a simpler tool for social media research and analysis

Illinois data scientists have developed a tool that bridges the gap between social researchers and data analytics, and are now poised to share this resource with the broader academic community.

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