Julian Chen

Zongjian “Jack” He: My name is Zongjian (Jack) He, a senior student majoring in statistics. I regard myself as a data science enthusiast, entrepreneur and collaborator. Joining the DTI lab in Spring 2018, I have focused on the smart city project since then. Through this project, I see a way to make a real social impact and I am always motivated by the project’s ambition to accelerate the smart city movement and ultimately improve the lives of its residents. Besides, I love basketball, movies, music and always look forward to exploring more about life’s adventure.

Yitian Huang: My name is Yitian, a senior with a dual degree in Accountancy and Information Systems and Information Technology with a minor in Applied Statistics. Joining this project helps me further develop my interests in financial data visualization. By using my accounting background, I can delve into how governments operate financially. It is my pleasure to use both accounting and statistical knowledge to contribute to this project.

Haiming Zhang
I am a Computer Science graduate student. My areas of interest include big data, machine learning, and full-stack development. In this project, I am responsible for the gun-violence section.

Mei Chen: My name is Mei, currently a junior in Statistics + Computer Science major doubling Economics studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Amateur coder/Statistician, professional Melodrama, post-rock, journal, sci-fi, anime lover.

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