Smart Community Data Projects

The Smart Community research group in the Data and Technology Innovation Student Lab has launched multiple student-driven projects that explore data solutions to address major community concerns, including but not limited to, infrastructure, finance, and public safety. You may find the below projects by clicking the sub-menu at right. 

  • a predictive analysis system designed to forecast demands of our city’s public works. The system analyzes the correlation between the historical public works with factors like precipitation, temperature, and traffic, aiming to develop a model that forecasts demands in public works. 
  • data visualizations for revenue and expenditure streams of our city governments
  • data visualizations for gun violence instances in our community
  • other community data analysis project(s) that focus on economy and traffic
Our goals are to enhance the awareness of the socio-technical challenges in our community, to encourage more researchers and students to explore community data, and to engage community stakeholders with comprehensive smart community data solutions.
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