Urbana-Champaign Gun Violence

About Project:


Gun violence in Champaign–Urbana area has resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries during the recent six years. Based on the 399 incident reports found at the gunviolencearchive.org, we pin each of them in the map and draw charts to raise awareness and extract insights.


For citizens of Champaign–Urbana, they can interact with the map to find gun violence incidents happened nearby, which helps them find patterns and recognize some high-risk areas.


Dataset Source: Gun Violence Archive data
. This dataset included gun violence data happened in Champaign-Urbana from 2014 to 2019 from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) website (www.gunviolencearchive.org). GVA is a not for profit organization that collects and archives daily gun violence instances from more than 7,500 sources, including government, law enforcement, news media, and commercial sources.
Data processing: We filtered the dataset to retrieve gun violence data and information in Champaign–Urbana from 2014 to 2019; the data were saved in a CSV file. After removing duplicate data or data missing necessary information (e.g., address), we used Python pandas to process the data. The data analysis and visualization were conducted using Python Plotly & Dash.

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